Ireland’s original MANN-FILTER distributor

ADE is the original and longest established MANN-FILTER distributor in Ireland offering access to the complete range of German made OE filters.

MANN-FILTER offers more than 6,800 superior original equipment quality filters to protect engines, passengers and machines on over 300,000 applications. Thanks to over 70 years experience and filtration expertise, the innovative, premium OE and boxed yellow-green aftermarket filters are built to withstand the demands placed on vehicles and machines and to meet stringent safety and industry standards. This makes MANN-FILTER the first fit choice in the automotive aftermarket.

The MANN-FILTER range covers all types of vehicles and applications, including, cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, buses and coaches, agricultural equipment, plant, off-road vehicles machines, compressors and industrial applications.

feb-23 mann-filtersCabin Air Filter

Passengers and drivers breathe easy thanks to MANN cabin air filters that extract harmful particulates and allergens from intake air and circulates clean air within the vehicle. The range includes activated carbon filters that also remove odours and noxious gases.

Air Filter

MANN air filters remove soot, dust and contaminants in the combustion chamber. These top-quality air filters ensure all engines work to their optimum performance.

Oil Filter

Filtering damaging residues and deposits, MANN oil filters provide clean oil that is essential for keeping engines running smoothly.

Fuel Filter

MANN fuel filters safeguard a vehicle´s fuel injection system protecting from dirt particles and water.

Special Applications

MANN also offers special applications such as hydraulic filtration and braking systems in commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment and other specialist sectors.

MANN-FILTER is renowned for its product quality making it the preferred choice of automotive professional across Ireland.

ADE offers access to the full MANN range at exclusive factor discount prices with upfront discounts that allow customers to make a healthy margin and build their business.

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