ufi-fuelUFI filters ensure more than 95% efficiency of the separation of water from fuel according to ISO 16332, thanks to the company's unique Deep Filtration Media. This ensures maximum motor protection and filtering efficiency, even in the presence of new bio-fuels which is why 6 out of 7 vehicle manufacturers rely on UFI fuel filtration.

Water, sediment and all the other pollutants in fuels, are especially harmful for cars. The diesel filter is a vital component for good vehicle conditions and performance, which is why UFI Filters has developed the most technologically advanced solutions to meet every requirement in terms of filtering efficiency, capacity to hold back dust, water separation and pressure drops. UFI Filters Deep Filtration Media, developed for OEM and present in the filters in the UFI Aftermarket catalogue, is a patented system created to guarantee optimum protection for the engine against water residue in the fuel, sediment, and even the smallest particles (up to 4 micron).

The petrol filters from the UFI Filters Aftermarket catalogue can guarantee long travelling distances and an extremely high degree of filtering of corpuscular pollutants. Usually with a body in steel or aluminium, they can withstand high operating pressure levels, at the same time helping to limit weight and consumption. Cellulose filtering material is able to block particles of up to 5 micron, with an efficiency level higher than 86% according to the ISO19438 specifications.



22-jan-brakesWhat ever you need when it comes to braking, ADE has the solution with a complete range of high quality components from leading brands, including Fremax, Japanparts and Brake Engineering. We also have extensive stocks available for immediate delivery and very competitive prices.

Our range covers; Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Calipers, Drums, Shoes, Hydraulics and more.

We offer very comprehensive application coverage on all makes and models and not just for cars, but also for, vans, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, plant and motorcycles.

Currently we are also offering a Trade Special deal where if you buy any set of pads and discs you receive a free 500ml Liqui Moly Brake Cleaner Aerosol Spray. Terms and Conditions apply.

DAYCO - The Perfect Timing Range

22-jan-daycoWhen it comes to power transmission and timing components DAYCO is the only brand that you need. It is one of the worlds most respected original equipment automotive component manufacturers as well as an aftermarket leader. The DAYCO range from ADE offers unrivalled quality and performance as well as excellent application coverage, including many aftermarket exclusives.

The DAYCO range includes:

Timing Belts
High Tenacity Belts, for new generation diesel engines
Timing Belt Sets, for engines where the injection pump or countershaft is controlled by a second toothed belt, kits including belts, tensioners, idlers and accessories for timing control and auxiliary unit control
Belt in Oil (BIO) systems
Timing Chain Kits
Timing kits with water pump PV and elastic PV
Rigid replacement components including; automatic tensioners, fixed tensioners, hydraulic actuators, pulleys and idlers, and dampers.

The Dayco range covers; cars, vans, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery and motorcycles

Great Oil Deals

a19-lube-88Quality Oil at the right price

ADE is now offering reduced prices and special deals on our exclusive Lube 88 range of high quality oils. This means our best value ever on manufacturer spec oils in packs from 1 litre to a 1000L.
In particular we currently have outstanding value 5L and 20 litres sizes of:

5W30 507.00 C2/C3
5W30 C4
10W40 S/ SYN

Our Lube 88 range covers not just car specifications but also light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, buses and coaches, agricultural, construction, marine and industrial applications.

We currently have some unbeatable deals on Lube 88 manufacturer spec oils in 205 litre barrels.

We are also offering unbeatable Ad-Blue deals on all pack sizes.

For the very best Oil and Ad-Blue value in the aftermarket please contact your ADE representative or our telesales team.



The high-performance PRO-LINE concept from LIQUI MOLY offers products that keep engines and fuel systems running optimally and thus reduce fuel consumption. Theses easy to use additives also offer independent garages the opportunity of a simple up-sell to customers. With fuel prices spiralling everyone is conscious of costs, so PRO-LINE products are also a useful means of boosting customer satisfaction.

Pro-Line Oil Loss Stop

In activity can cause problems with oil seals. Oil Loss Stop regenerates rubber and plastic engine seals (e.g., shaft seals and valve stem seals). Reduces oil consumption through piston rings (due to its uniform viscosity) and through valve guides (by regenerating the seals). I also prevents blue exhaust smoke, compensates for viscosity reduction and dampens engine noise.

Part No. L5182 Size: 1L

Pro-Line DPF Protection

Highly effective additive that reduces the build-up of particulates and improves the reliability of diesel particulate filters. Vehicles used for short trips are especially affected by problems with clogged diesel particulate filters. Regular use keeps the diesel particulate filter clean, avoiding expensive repairs and down times. Also ensures optimum fuel combustion and reduces the build-up of particulates. This also contributes to reducing emissions.

Part No. L5123
Size: 1L

Pro-Line Engine Flush

Cleans the engine from the inside. Removes deposits from lubrication holes, oil screens, piston ring zone, etc. Reduces engine noise and oil consumption. Improves compression. Increases vehicle's reliability. Allows the fresh oil to develop its full performance after an oil change. Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines. Suitable for DPF, catalytic converters, turbochargers and belt in oil engines.

Part No. L20684 Size: 500ml

Diesel Intake System Cleaner

Active solvent with highly effective additive combination. Eliminates contamination and deposits in the diesel intake and throttle valve area. Loosens and removes contamination such as oil, resin, soot, etc. Ensures the operability of all moving parts and increases the operational reliability of diesel engines.

Part No. 5168 Size: 400ml

Pro-Line Super Diesel Additive

For all types of diesel engines in passenger vehicles, trucks, tractors, construction machinery and stationary engines, including turbocharged engines. Ideal for the preservation of engines. Helps ensure smooth running and reduced diesel consumption. Features Cetane Plus for more engine power, less knocking, quieter run, easy starting. .

Part No. 5176 Size: 1 Litre


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